Sunday 14 August 2011

Mister Maker splat bugs

Cakey loves Mister Maker, she can watch the episodes over and over again. She doesn't often ask to make whatever it is Mister Maker is making...but she did today. She was captivated by the glittery gloopy glue splat bugs that she watched on abc iview (series 3 episode 7 if you are interested). Basically you put a dollop of pva glue on a baking tray (I used some baking paper because I didn't want to ruin my baking tray) and then fan out some of the glue with a paintbrush to make arms/legs. The glue doesn't need to be thick, we made ours way too thick and it took forever to dry. And then decorate...we used glitter, some googly eyes and a paper tongue. It didn't take very long but I did have to hover over this one to avoid a glitter disaster. When it is finished leave it to dry overnight. Once dry you can peel it off and stick it on something.

For more detailed step by step instructions have a look at my second go at this activity Mister Maker splat bugs take 2.

I like Mister Maker and we do use it as inspiration sometimes. I generally have to simplify the projects down and I rarely have all the materials which can be a bit annoying. I do like the segment 'make it in a minute' – if Mister Maker can make it in a minute then presumably we can make it in half an hour. How do you feel about Mister Maker?

On a side note you may want to check out the Mister Maker website. It has a cute gallery of projects that kids have made with links to the relevant segment of the show.

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