Friday 23 September 2011

Bubble wrap crocodile

In case you can't tell this pic shows two crocodiles in their watery croc home

I received an ebay package the other day which came with loads of bubble wrap. Do all kids love bubble wrap? Mine do. Once the bubbles had been popped we decided we should make something with it. Cakey suggested a crocodile. Armed with sticky tape we each made a crocodile, rolling various bits up to make the body, arms, legs and head. I cut two triangular tails, one for my croc and the other for Cakey.

Our crocs pre-paint
Cakey painted both the crocodiles. Bubble wrap is excellent to paint because it has such a great texture (watch out: the paint does flake off after a week or so and makes a mess). Next Cakey wanted to make them a nice watery home so she painted some bubble wrap blue and stuck them down in an opened box. We were both quite chuffed with how it turned out.

If your child hates crocodiles try making their favourite animal. Remember kids are really forgiving – it only has to vaguely resemble what you say it is. I like to choose two main features of an animal to focus on – for the crocodile it was the tail and head. I find that those two features are usually enough to satisfy a preschooler.


  1. This is really cool! i will have to save some bubble wrap for crocs
    love sassy,


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