Thursday 6 October 2011

Spring meadow

This activity is not particularly unique, different or inventive. But it was a lovely way to spend a beautiful spring morning with two energetic 3 year olds.

I had two large pieces of green paper perfect for making spring meadow pictures. I showed Cakey and Miss Z a picture of 'Herrick's blossoms' by one of my favourite artists, Charles Conder. I asked if they would like to make a spring meadow picture, both nodded enthusiastically. Then I asked, 'do you know what a meadow is?' They shook their heads vigorously. So I explained what a meadow is and then suggested that they might like to collect grass, leaves and flowers to glue onto their meadow pictures... which they did.

'Herrick's blossoms' by Charles Conder

While they were busy gluing (with pva) on their garden finds I set up some bright paint in takeaway containers. I also brought out some sponge shapes – both girls loved the sponges! Flowers and glue were instantly forgotten which I thought was a shame as I had imagined a beautiful mix of fresh flowers with painted ones but Cakey and Miss Z were much more interested in the paint and sponges.

Gluing was forgotten in the excitement for the sponges and paint

The following day I badgered Cakey to return to her spring meadow picture and add some more flowers from the garden. As I caught myself gluing on some flowers that I had picked, I repeated in my head 'process not product'. After all my aim is to let Cakey go with the flow and create what she wants, not what I think is nice or pretty. But sometimes, just sometimes, I can't help myself!!

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  1. I love the bright green paper, and how could they not want to fill it with those luscious paint colours and sponges :)

  2. thanks Christie. they were very vibrant 'in your face' colours!!

  3. Aaah how fun and cheerful! Love combining art and craft with kids!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  4. This looks great fun and such a good idea! Thanks so much for sharing with our Spring Carnival. :)


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