Sunday 23 October 2011

The Turtle House

I started a new category called Little Worlds because Cakey loves to create them. This turtle house is the first one to be posted. Cakey made this turtle house back in June and it was the project that motivated me to start this blog. Annoyingly I don't have a photo of the finished turtle house – there was a deleting before downloading incident... ahhh!

I loved this project because it perfectly captures what I try to do with Cakey in terms of creativity. I want her to take the lead. I don't want to dictate or feed her judgements about what is good, bad, pretty or ugly.

One day Cakey went to the zoo and came home with a toy turtle which began the fascination with all things turtle. We looked up turtles on the computer. She wanted me to print out the turtles. I couldn't keep up with her printing requests so I screen-grabbed the small pictures that came up in the internet search and printed them. This gave us lots of little turtle pictures and one happy 3 year old. I have used this method for printing pictures many times since.

Next Cakey told me which turtles she wanted cut out (I was on scissor duty) and she got stuck into gluing them down with pva. She alternated betwen gluing and running into the garden to find stones and flowers for the turtles. Cakey wanted some water for her thirsty turtles so I dug out some blue tissue paper. (Side note: I never throw out tissue paper, it is so useful – you can scrunch it up, stretch it out, it glues down fabulously and just feels nice.) In went the tissue paper and then she added a little bit of paint. The whole turtle house was then given a roof of pink tissue paper.

This project was directed by Cakey, my role was purely support only – supplying the materials to fulfill what she wanted to achieve. She was really proud of her turtle house and it stayed in her room, imprisioning all the turtles for weeks and weeks. And it gave me the idea to start this blog.

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  1. What a fun activity! Thanks for sharing on Living Life Intentionally Linky Party.

  2. What a perfect house! So much work went into it! Beautiful!

    Thank you for taking part in Kids Get Crafty!


  3. aww, love the story behind the house almost as much as I love her perfect lil Turtle House itself!

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this week! :)



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