Thursday 8 December 2011

Christmas angel table lights

Warning: This activity involves glitter. If you hate glitter and get sick of walking around all day with sparkly bits on your bottom then swap the glitter for glitter glue, paint or crayons. 

Cakey wanted to make some Christmas angels and she specified that they should stand up. So I thought we could make some paper angels and then stick them to tall glasses. This also meant I could pop a candle in the glass and light up our angels.

To get started I drew a simple angel template (without wings) on the computer and printed them out.  We then got busy decorating the angel outlines with Cakey's favourite thing – glitter. You can download the template here. If you don't want to make the wings separately I have also made an angel template with wings – download it here.

Christmas angels

Once all the decorations were complete, we cut them out and glued on paddle pop sticks to make the wings. I cut out wing-like shapes from tissue paper and Cakey glued them on with vast quantities of pva glue. Due to the amount of glue used drying was a bit of an issue. I ended up delicately spreading them out on our clothes rack to stop them gluing themselves to the table.

Making Christmas angels
Cutting out our angels
Angel template
Gluing on sticks to make the wings
Table light
Adding the tissue paper wings to the paddle pop stick

When our angels were dry we stuck them onto the highball glasses with sticky tape. I placed a lighted candle in each and we watched them glow. They are going to make excellent table decorations for Christmas. Fire and paper don't mix so please keep an eye on them or use a battery operated light instead.

Angel lights

You can see all our Christmas craft here and for more Christmas ideas have a look at my Christmas Pinterest board.

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  1. These are ADORABLE! I love them!!!!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Love this idea! Genius to think of attaching them to the glasses... will definitely be trying this out. With glitter of course. We love it here!

  3. What a wonderful idea with the candles! I love them. Thank you for sharing them at Sharing Saturday!


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