Saturday 5 November 2011

Flowers and Rainbows colouring sheet

I find colouring-in sheets useful waiting for a doctor's appointment, on long car journeys and on plane trips. We have a long plane trip looming so I have designed a colouring-in sheet for Cakey, which was loads of fun for me to do too. It is called 'flowers at the end of the rainbow' and if you like it you can download it here.

The inspiration came from a fabulous piece of 1970s curtain material that I picked up at a garage sale. I am planning on turning the material into a quilt – I just need to learn how to sew!!

The colouring-in sheet has been tested by Cakey and it got the thumbs up – I really hope that the kids in your life like it too.

Cakey's version

My coloured in version, yes I cheated and used a computer
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  1. I've never thought of making a colouring in sheet before. What a good idea.:)

  2. It is really cute {I came over via Let Kids Create MOnday Maddness}- you are so talented to be able to do that on the computer. My computer illustrator skills are very poor!!

    I have a long plane trip coming up in March- I will have both my boys with me and they will be 27 months and 15 months- It will definitely be interesting! I am slowly preparing "busy" bags for them which will be great for the flight I hope! Will save this sheet to print off to add to their bags.


  3. Glad you like the sheet. Lulu - love to know what is in your busy bag, particularly for your 15 month old. My youngest is 15 months too and I am freaking out how to occupy her for a 10 hour plane trip. I will be posting about this issue very soon with some of my ideas and would love others ideas too.

  4. What a cute printable - I never realized this could be done either. I did a post of some activities we did on a road trip if you want to read:

    Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness!

  5. Very nice! I love that you create her coloring sheets for her and that you color them in as well so she can see different ways to do the same thing. Thanks for sharing as a printable. I will be printing it out for my kids right now. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness. I look forward to following your blog now.

  6. Thanks Laura. I hope your kids like it.

  7. Adorable! What a great idea. Thanks so much for linking up with Thrifty Thursday and becoming a follower! I'm following you back as well on GFC and Facebook! Hope to see you next week!


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