Thursday 10 November 2011

Unicorn garden

Here's our second post in the 'Little Worlds' category – the unicorn garden. Cakey loves flowers, rainbows and unicorns and this project included them all – 3 year old heaven.

One morning we were unpacking the shopping and Cakey found some boxes that our cat food came in. She declared that we should make something with them – and that something should be a unicorn garden (influenced by another 'Dora the Explorer' book).

Luckily, I had recently read a beautiful post by Christie at Childhood 101 about her daughter creating a fairy scene using pebbles and flowers – just gorgeous, please have a look. Using Christie's post for inspiration I shuffled us both outside to collect pebbles and flowers for her unicorn garden scene.

 First up, Cakey decorated the inside of both boxes by gluing down some brightly coloured paper and adding some paint. We slotted one box into the other to make a little garden scene. Cakey added some aluminium foil for a pond and some pebbles which were then painted. I helped her make little trees by gluing ivy leaves onto paddle pop sticks and standing them up with the help of playdough. Cakey always gets glue on her fingers so the leaves preferred to stick to her fingers rather than the sticks – maximum frustration for her. I keep a damp facecloth handy so she can wipe the glue off her fingers when this happens. Last but not least, Cakey arranged some fresh flowers in the garden.

our little ivy tree

The unicorn garden was missing something – the unicorn. Cakey drew a unicorn on purple paper and we propped it up in the garden... but apparently that wasn't good enough. Cakey wanted a toy unicorn to put in her garden. She caught me on the hop, we had created this garden for a unicorn but we didn't have a unicorn. So I agreed to go to the toy shop. Cakey found the only unicorn in the shop, I forked out the cash and she chuffed happliy out of the stop with her gleaming new unicorn..... now that is crafty!!


  1. So fun!! I loved unicorns when I was young. I would love it if you would share this at my sharing party at Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  3. What a precious small world :) Thank you for sharing our post x

  4. It turned out very beautiful! She's so imaginative! I love that it was her idea. :)


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