Saturday 15 December 2012

Beads and Buttons – Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments with beads and buttons

After the success of combining beads and glue last year I thought we might do it again.... but this time on a smaller scale. We turned our bottle top collection into Christmas ornaments. I poured pva glue into each bottle top... some overflowed causing a gluey mess which irritated me and delighted them. The kids decorated them with beads, buttons and glitter. The heavier beads sunk to the bottom of their white pva ponds.

The kids filled many, many bottle tops. Boo overfilled hers with the larger buttons and beads and Cakey went glitter mad.

Christmas craft beads

Christmas craft buttons glitter

Now the bad news, I did have to do a little pre-prep. I wanted to be able to hang these decorated bottle tops on the Christmas tree. I could have just taped a string to the back of them but I wanted something more secure.

Christmas decorations bottle tops

I poked a hole in each bottle top (milk lids are fairly soft so this was easy, juice bottle lids are rigid so they went back into the bowl) with my pointy cake tester. I thread some thin beading wire through the hole and twisted it so it would hold. Once the glue was poured the twisted wire knot was hidden from view. And now, our decorated bottle top ornaments are looking lovely on our Christmas tree. You can find all our Christmas craft ideas here.

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  1. Hi Ali,
    yesterday I found your blog. I love it very much. There is so much inspiration for me. I have three children. Looking at all the things you create with your girls makes me very happy! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!
    Greetings from Germany!

    1. Thanks so much Eva, it is so kind of you to visit and leave such a lovely comment.

  2. Ah, yes! Kids + Glitter = Lasting memories. They love this stuff don't they...gotta love a bit of bling!

  3. I have some of these that I made with my class back in the late 80's. I popped mine out of the lids and poked holes through the glue before it was too hard so that we could hang them. Good idea to leave them in the lids!


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