Monday 18 February 2013

Because #playmatters – Instagram fun

#playmatters Instagram community

Hello, I am hoping you would like to have a little fun with me on Instagram. I have got together with a fabulous group of bloggers who all believe that play matters. We are building an Instagram community to celebrate all the varied ways that children play. It is also a record of those playful moments in our childrens' lives. After all, there is nothing more wonderful than watching your children immerse themselves in the wonderful world of play. Play matters....  whether it consists of running in the long grass, jumping in puddles, building a castle, watching the clouds, making mud pies or laughing with little friends.... play matters.

We would love for you to join our community. All you have to do is:

  1. Sign up for Instagram if you are not there already
  2. Take a photo of your child/ren playing
  3. Upload the photo to Instagram (play with the fliters if that is your thing)
  4. Tag the photo with #playmatters so we can find you
  5. While you are there you might like to browse through the #playmatters photos by seraching for the #playmatters tag (this is a great place to get a few play ideas if you are running low on inspiration)
  6. I would love it if you would come say hello to me, my Instagram user name is @athomewithali 
  7. Upload as few or as many photos as you like with the tag #playmatters
  8. Everyone is welcome
Be part of the #playmatters cmmmunity and join us today. If you are not in Instagram feel free to upload a photo to my facebook page. We would love to see what you and your kids get up to in play. We also have a #playmatters pinterest board full of playful ideas.

Kicking off this initiative are:

If this is your first visit to At home with Ali – welcome. If you like it, you can follow along via email, RSS, google+ or facebook. You can also find me on Pinterest and InstagramCheers Ali

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  1. A gorgeous post Ali. So exciting seeing those new #playmatters pics everyday. xo P

  2. Oh I love what you've done with the banner on that image! I'm joining in with #playmatters too, see you there :)


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