Wednesday 30 April 2014

Rainy Day Fort

A rainy day fort

A quick little post for a quick and easy activity.... the rainy day fort. My kids love making an umbrella fort when it is raining. They grab every umbrella we own and construct a fort that they can sit under in the rain. It does work best for that lovely light summer rain. They do get wet while they are trying to construct the fort and fill in any of the gaps. If the rain is heavier I throw a tarp over the whole thing which keeps it nice and dry. Enjoy the rain!!!!

A rainy day fort

We love forts of all shapes and sizes. For more fort inspiration check out my Forts, hidey holes and garden nooks Pinterest board.

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  1. That's a good idea - pretty sure we'd still get wet in the type of rain that happens here in Singapore, but it's warm, so as long as we're not too far from home we should still be ok. We end up scratching for rainy day activities in the tropics, that's for sure!

    1. Thanks for visiting Bronwyn. I can imagine the rain gets pretty heavy in Singapore.

  2. I remember we used to do this as kids! In my case, all our friends would make the forts with the umbrellas everyone had :) so fun!

  3. i did this one time but our dog went inside with us and them shake its body ... and there we are really pissed off hahaha...

  4. It's a nice idea for kids, but if it's windy?? XD XD


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