Thursday 25 August 2011

Floating fish

This had so much potential but fell a bit flat. Cakey wanted to do a project that involved fish so I thought she could make some out of balloons. I blew up three small balloons and placed them in takeaway containers so they wouldn't fly off the table constantly. I also laid out some plastic fin and tail pieces that I (very poorly) cut out of an old orange filing envelope. I cut up some little squares of silvery paper from a foil biscuit wrapper that I thought could be fish scales. To top it off I also included some googly eyes and a black permanent marker. Now I just needed the kid...

Cakey was excited and quickly started sticky taping various bits onto the first balloon. She instantly decided that my silvery pieces were teeth and she also thought that my takeaway containers were boats for the fish and also needed to be decorated – whatever, I was busy trying to make soup for dinner. After a short time she moved onto the second balloon which she half-heartedly jabbed with the marker....and then I made a mistake.

I hadn't even finished cutting up the vegies for the soup when I stupidly uttered these words 'when you have finished we can let your fish swim in the bath'. Her eyes lit up as she instantly replied 'I've finished' and jumped down and ran to the bathroom. I did my best to cajole her into making more of the project but I could tell she had moved on. So there was nothing for it – we ran the bath and Cakey and Boo poked the balloon fish around the bath with wooden spoons.

This activity took more time to set up than Cakey spent doing it which was a bit disappointing. I still think it could have been a winner. Oh and I did eventually get the soup made which was also pointless because I was the only one who ate it!


  1. just love it, that's kids for you.

  2. What a clever idea Ali :) So much fun :) I'll be featuring this post as part of my Playing with Balloons roundup. xo Pauline


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