Tuesday 30 August 2011

Sticky tape rocks!

I should clarify that – some sticky tape rocks and some sticky tape dispensers rock, others DO NOT. I don't write this blog to promote products but finding the right sticky tape is absolutely essential (unless you like doling each piece of tape out yourself). We are now on our fourth sticky tape dispenser and it totally rocks. My 15 year old beloved (pre-kid) tape dispenser bit the dust as it was dropped one too many times. Not thinking that much about it I gave Cakey one of those disposable dispensers.....cue screaming tantrum when she couldn't break the tape off. So I went out and bought a brand new funky looking dispenser – it survived 2 hours before I threw it in the bin. The metal cutting bit just wasn't sharp enough for 3yo fingers to use and I couldn't stand the whinging any longer. Next I went to one of the big office supply places and bought the most expensive dispenser I could find coupled with the most expensive tape (if you are interested it is a 3M product bought at Officeworks).

I have since experimented with medium priced tape and it works too in this dispenser. I don't go anywhere near the really cheap stuff. It drives me bananas when the tape end gets lost and I have to laboriously try to get it to come off in one piece again.

I don't know why but I used to think that sticky tape was a bit of a cop out and that kids should have glue. For lots of projects sticky tape is so much better than glue – there is less mess and it sticks immediately. Cakey loves the stuff and will sticky tape just about anything. Granted I give her total free range and as a result we go through a lot of sticky tape. It took a little while for Cakey to become competent with the dispenser but it was well worth the patience.


  1. That dispenser is one for Amelda Markos! We use a classic black. The kids go okay and it is an easy way to whittle (or wittle?) away time! Loving your posts Ali (thanks for the support over at Diminishing Lucy. She does good blog) xx

    PS: Look at you commenting! I just realised! Such bravery :-)

  2. Thanks so much. I am getting there...slowly.


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