Monday 5 September 2011

Lollipops – sweet and simple

Yes I know the sign is upside down but it was too early to argue.

Another early morning activity! Cakey gets up full of beans and wants to make something immediately. I on the other hand am desperately trying to pry my eyes open and ingest as much coffee as I can.

Anyway, we went to the markets the other day and now she is obsessed with playing 'market stalls'. She wanted to make lollipops to sell on our pretend market stall. So she drew around a cup to make the (almost) circles and we both cut them out. I had some old colourful wrapping paper that Cakey cut up and then glued down with a glue stick. She then stuck the lollipops onto paddle pop sticks with sticky tape. We used playdough to anchor them into a display for the market stall. It was easy and kept her busy while I got breakfast. The beauty of this project is that you can embellish it anyway you want – stickers, glitter, different shapes and sizes etc.

Once Cakey's lollipops hit the market stall it took about 30 seconds for Boo to rip them all down and eat the playdough. And now Cakey wants to make real lollipops – I found a lovely idea for making lollipops with marshmallows on the Planning with Kids blog that we will definitely try.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog. Your lollipops are very cute!


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