Friday 15 June 2012

Four fun days with playdough

We have been stuck indoors for most of the week because of the horrible weather. Thankfully, the playdough pledge (Nurturestore, The Imagination Tree, Sun Hats and Wellie Boots) has kept us busy... as I decided we would make a different batch of dough each day for four days.

Day 1
I set up salt dough for our mothers' group playdate. We used Nurturestore's recipe from her free playdough ebook. The kids loved it and loaded up the baking tray full of their sculptures. I baked them in the oven for 3 hours. We spent the rainy afternoon driving around the neighbourhood delivering salt dough treasures to their owners.

Concentrating on salt dough
Baked and painted

Day 2
We made some green glitter playdough. I used the easy no cook recipe from The Imagination Tree and added some blue glitter. Cakey decided the glittery playdough looked like seaweed. She made an underwater scene on a bed of orange playdough. Boo was content sticking blue sticks into her portion of glitter playdough.

Cakey's underwater scene with seaweed, treasure and people
Boo didn't let that green stick stay

Day 3
I made my first batch of scented playdough. I added a few drops of peppermint oil into the playdough mix. I divided the batch up and coloured one half pink (for Cakey) and the other blue (for Boo). The kids liked the minty smell. They made playdough cupcakes and decorated them with sequins, beads and candles. Later that evening they made peppermint cars with their dad.

Peppermint cupcakes
Peppermint cars

Day 4
The sun finally came out so I decided to make something a little bit different – cloud dough. I used the recipe from Flight of Whimsy, I did not have baby oil so I used olive oil instead. Cloud dough is fabulous stuff. Boo in particular loved the cloud dough – squeezing it in her fingers to form lumps then smashing the lumps apart.

My youngest one LOVED cloud dough
Cloud dough cakes

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  1. What fun! How did the olive oil work?

    1. The olive oil worked really well but as I have never used baby oil I don't have a comparison.

  2. Wow so many gorgeous creations and I love the imagination! You have motivated me to make a big blob of play dough to play with the kids! :)

  3. What a great week of Play Dough Fun! I love the peppermint cars.