Thursday 8 November 2012

Playing with salt

Each year Cakey's preschool puts on a wonderful art show. One of the many creative, kid-made, exhibits on show this year were tall plastic glasses filled with layers of coloured salt. They looked very pretty – Cakey wanted to make more and I wanted to try it too.

A few days after the art show I collected together all the supplies. I had no idea what the preschoolers had used for the colouring agent and Cakey couldn't remember. I resorted to liquid food colouring. We took our bowls, spoons, table salt and food colouring outside.

We poured salt into two bowls and used a tray for the third colour. I added the tiniest amount of liquid food colouring to the salt. The kids and I thoroughly mixed in the colour with a spoon and our fingers. It was a lovely sensory experience and so much fun.

When the colour was evenly dispersed through the salt we spooned it into clean, dry jars. We layered each colour to create pretty patterns in the jars. Just as we were sealing the jars tight Cakey said "actually mummy we used chalk to colour the salt". Ahhhh grated chalk would be awesome, way better than food colouring. You learn something new everyday.

And talking of salt... I wrote a guest post over at the amazing Learning 4 kids all about our salt dough boats.

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  1. I remember doing this as a kid...such fun. Love your you all had beautiful hands afterwards!

  2. Creative, I like the plastic glasses filled with layers of coloured salt. I will do it for my kids.Thanks for sharing

  3. We did this over the summer and had so much fun. We made salt sand ice cream sensory play with kool-aid.
    Also you can use it as glitter and sprinkle over glue and make a sand art picture. Love the colors of your salt jars. (Momma's Fun World)

    1. Can't wait to check out your post. Thanks for visiting :)

  4. I remember doing this as a child. Loved it. Will do this with N and M this arvo (fingers crossed E and K will nap today!). xo P


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