Wednesday 23 January 2013

Fairy Apartment Block

I love arty projects that you can do over a few days. This was one of those projects..... a fairy apartment block. Now for the fairy purists out there – I know that fairy houses are supposed to be made from all natural materials rather than man-made materials. We have a copy of the book Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane which is a great resource for natural fairy house building. BUT we live in the city and our fairies are quite urbane, so we thought they needed a luxury high-rise apartment block.

Day 1
We found an old wooden CD rack at the side of the road. We dragged it home and gave it a good wash with sudsy water. Then we let it dry.

Day 2
The three of us had a chat about the apartment block colour scheme. We started painting. Cakey painted a lovely picture of flowers on the outside. Boo and I painted and splashed paint on the inside of the apartment block. Then we let it dry.

Plan for the fairy apartment

Painting the fairy apartment

Day 3
We took our dry and colourful fairy apartment block down to laneway garden and set it up for the fairies. We decorated the rooms with flowers and small boxes filled with playdough and little animal friends. The fairies visited their apartment block and played.

Fairy house in the garden

We do make natural fairy houses too. Cakey loves to build little fairy tents from sticks. Boo is good at collecting seed pods and flower petals. I was going to write a post about this as it keeps the kids very busy in our local park but all the photos look like this......

Fairy house
It is hard to photograph a pile of sticks

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  1. Love your fairy apartments - wonderful imaginative play.
    We've created our own Fairy Lane in a neighbouring forest

  2. Great opportunities her to plan and discuss what the fairy apartment should look like and to plan how to go about it, which resource you need. It could lead to discussions about whether fairies have families and who would be in the family, similarities and differences to your family, and where you live.

  3. My little girl would love to do something like this! What a fun idea. I'd love it if you'd link up at our Mom's Library linky.

  4. I love how you included the kids in all of the steps and stages - all kinds of life skills to be learned in doing that!

  5. Awe so wonderful. My kind of craft! Your fairy home is wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  6. L.O.V.E it. What a project. Looks like heaps of fun. Bec x

  7. What a cute project! Any girl would love that!

  8. This is adorable...I know of a little someone who would LOVE this! Thank you for sharing!

    Jennifer @ Sparkle and Splatter

  9. Lot of creativity in kids, makes me remember my childhood days.


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