Tuesday 29 January 2013

Valentines stick dolly gifts

Valentines stick dolly gifts

I finally got my act together and set up some Valentines craft for the girls. I was inspired by these gorgeous wooden stick dollies created by teawagontales. She made them with decorative washi tape and markers. I wanted to make some with the girls. They would make lovely Valentines gifts for friends and family.

I have no idea where to get washi tape in Australia (shop owners look at me strangely when I ask for it). I substituted the washi tape with patterned scrapbooking paper and a gluestick, which was suggested by Christen, one of my lovely facebook followers.

What you need:
  • large wooden sticks (as wide as possible)
  • patterned or coloured paper strips
  • markers
  • gluestick
  • heart hole punch for a Valentines feel
Valentines craft

I cut the paper strips. The girls chose their dolly's outfits and glued them on the sticks They added details with the markers. Cakey gave one dolly a little baby – my favourite of the set.

Valentines stick dolly craft

I made lots of these dollies with the girls. It was fun coming up with funky dolly ensembles. We added hearts cut from a heart-shaped hole punch to our dollies for a Valentines feel. Boo was (and still is) obsessed with the heart hole punch. On the back of each stick we wrote the name of the person who will receive the dolly on Valentines Day.

Valentines stick dolly gifts

For more Valentines inspiration have a look at my Valentines Pinterest Board.

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  1. Absolutely adorable...I know several little people that would LOVE making these! Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer @ Sparkle and Splatter

  2. They are awesome. Lots of scrapbook shops stock washi tape here in Australia. Try www.scrapbookingfromscratch.com - based in NSW or d-lish scraps.openstores.com.au

    1. So cute- try typo for washi tape...

    2. Thanks Deb and Jandi, I will try both those ideas..... I am obviously looking in the wrong places. I think my bank account will take a hit when I find some!!!

  3. Love these! I am sure we could make some action figures for Aarya :) esp. Ben 10 lol! He would be thrilled :)

  4. Hi Ali :) They look fabulous! I am loving the purple one with the necklace and hearts. She's totally rockin' the purple striped top. Washi tape is also available quite cheaply on eBay.

  5. These are just too cute and i can imagine you had just as much fun creating along with the girls!Love the heart hole punch!

  6. Awesome and fab looking sticks,

  7. These are absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing!
    I get my washi for cheap on ebay.

  8. Oh my these are LOVELY, I love all your people. Off to pin.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty.


  9. These are so great!


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